Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeling Better !!

So now I am not as angry with Barrack Obama, I am still not happy with his choice of Warren, but I do think people are taking notice of the voice we have, and the power it carries, and that we are not going to be quiet and so accepting of unacceptable behavior. Rick Warren's Web Page was miraculously changed, now that is good, I am choosing too not make a million excuses for why, it is not as offensive to me as it was, so that is good. We all have to take steps no matter how big or small. God knows I didn't accept myself for a long time. So prayer is powerful, no matter who prays, maybe this is a start. Again, I know one thing, I do not know a lot. That is good.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caroline Kennedy - Senator

Caroline Kennedy? Not so sure yet. She wants to be a United States Senator.
Not to be outdone by the other Dem dynasty, Caroline Kennedy managed to seem a believable choice for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. "I come at this as a mother, as a lawyer, as an author as an education advocate
and from a family that really has spent generations in public service," she said. Rehearsed? Seemed so. She said no one could afford to sit out this time in history, and that she would "love to take the skills and the relationships I have to Washington."
What are those skills? Not sure. The Daily Beast has a good list of other under-qualified yet successful Senators. They are Bill Bradley (basketball), Ted Kennedy (bootlegger money), James Buckley (trust funder), Bill Frist (doctor), Orrin Hatch (white-shingle lawyer), John Edwards (trial lawyer), Herb Kohl (sports franchise dude), Jon Corzine (Goldman Sachs), Robert Bennett (religion), and Hillary Clinton (first lady).
We shall see.http://niallswritings.blogspot.com/

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Season

I am not sure why, but this season I have seemed to have lost my voice again, we can't let that happen, it I won't.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ban On Palin !!

Sarah Palin, the very woman whose 1st Dude husband wants Alaska to secede from the good old USA now adds that she wants a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, maybe we should let Alaska go, then Sarah would have to go with them, just a thought. I support an amendment banning anyone who supports, in any way, the idea of seceding from this country from running for the highest, or 2nd highest office in the land.

Sarah says:

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin says she supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a break with John McCain who has said he believes states should be left to define what marriage is. In an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network, the Alaska governor said she had voted in 1998 for a state amendment banning same sex marriage and hoped to see a federal ban on such unions.

"I have voted along with the vast majority of Alaskans who had the opportunity to vote to amend our Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. I wish on a federal level that's where we would go. I don't support gay marriage," Palin said. She said she believed traditional marriage is the foundation for strong families.

Voice AGAINST Racism

Our Union - CSEA, State, Local, and Private Sector Workers partnered alongside AFL-CIO workers all weekend in Pennsylvania, there is a You tube video of a powerful speech by Richard Trumka http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2008/10/confronting-rac.html

Thursday, October 9, 2008

That One.... My Friend

I feel like I have been tossed around as when in a car accident by the way this long election process has just brought up so many emotions in me. Now it is "That one", which ONE did he mean, exactly? It is like when you know someone said something about you, but you don't exactly know which part of your character they are attacking or assasinating, or pointing out, but an attack it is, your gut tells you so. Was it my race? Was it my sexuality? Was it my weight, my economic status, maybe just that I am so much younger and sharper than you, but it was definitely pointing out that "that one" means different than US, and so many times in today's politics not like US translates into not being U.S., not American. Scare all my friends, that may work. Then all the statements he made followed by "My Friend(s)", so many times, so many I do not know how many exactly. I just know it was like the teacher scratching her nails on the chalk board, I wanted to scream to him, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND. Do you know what I mean, my friend? Everyone there was his friend except "that one", that one sitting right over there. He was the only one in the room not called My Friend. That is actually a compliment, maybe because he is The One. Maybe it was a slip of the Freudian tongue, the truth, that "That one" would be a difference for change. Maybe on some level he was saying That One, not his Friend, but that one who will beat him in the election, that one who has finally won the public's trust again, that one who is not letting the lies and deceit distract him from the chore at hand, this little old thing called The Presidential Election. See That One over there, he is MY Friend, he is that one that brings hope to America again, change we can believe in. I do not think it turned out the way it was meant, but those words That One, turned heads as was intended, into that one's directions, but with different results, so maybe you are my friend, maybe I owe you thanks. That because of your ignorance and your out of touch beliefs, a lot more people are looking at That One, as the one to be the new President of the USA.
Hey My friend, Thanks.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Niall's Voice - Speak Out

I just came back from Washington D.C., it was great, being involved in the political process. If I am not part of the solution, then am I part of the Problem? Hillary Clinton spoke to us she was amazing, brought tears to many. I went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, so sad, informative and moving, yet also so relevant for today. I saw why we must never forget. I edited the Header on my blog to reflect beliefs that have come to the surface, because after going to the Holocaust Museum I realized that me speaking out, just my one voice, is necessary. The saying attributed to Martin Niemoller, which I had heard many times, touched my heart in a new way. Millions were persecuted and annihilated systematically. Not just Jews, but homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, and anyone who didn't agree with the state government, they were murdered. So many people didn't speak out, they thought it didn't affect them. We know how that story ended. Is it over?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am so happy to be home, I feel so tired, but I do miss writing and finding my Voice in this venue. After being in Washington D.C. for a week, I am exhausted from hearing speeches about who will do what, and how they will do it, Promises, Promises, or Broken promises. I am taking responsibility for my happiness and things I promise myself, I know who I can count on.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday ....Too many days slipping by.....

Well, I am feel like I am getting further away from posting the story that started me on this new journey to Blogging and Twittering, so I am making this Promise to all who read this, OK well I am promising myself, before I go away to Washington D.C. for my CSEA Union Convention, my Letter to The Nation will be available to the Nation.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Short and sweet, I wish.............

I am trying to figure out how to show just a few lines of what I am writing, then give the reader a choice on whether he or she wants to read the whole piece. I will count on friends to help me with this. It will be like a short introduction, or tease, or just a way that people do not have to read the whole long blog before they even get to the "This Day in History, or Inspirational Quote or anything else" I may have at the bottom of page. Any comments are always welcome.
This is just another piece I need to learn. Some of you will be happy to read that I have learned how to edit (correct) previous posts, like the one that I mentioned Lucky my cat, I said she greets us, then he appreciates us, no wonder Lucky is confused, I call him a he and a she. Well to set the Record "str8", Lucky is a Male Tabby. Now that is duly noted and corrected we can move on. Sorry Lucky.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunday

I came to Rockaway early this morning, I missed seeing Lucky, our cat, he greeted me as usual. I read about cats on line last night, and I thought they don't miss you that much, they sleep, they have no time clocks, WRONG! We rescued Lucky from the apartment next door here in Rockaway, the owner passed away and Lucky was on his own for 3 months, so he is so appreciative of me and Rafael, and I worry so much. Yesterday was a long tiring day, but once I get back here to the Beach, it all goes away, the stress, the closed in feeling I get in Stuy Town Apt. and then I love seeing the Ocean. Then the time comes that I miss the energy and diversity of the City, so this is what I call my Luxury problem, not that anything is luxurious, just the problem of where to go. I am blessed.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Letter to the Nation

I am in the process of writing an article or letter to the Editor, which is totally new to me, I just received my first feedback from my "Editor" and it is scary to think of putting it out there. It is of political nature, yet my personal experience and how that relates to today's political and cultural environment. More work needs to be done, and I am afraid of losing the "heart" of my story in editing, this is where I have to trust God, and the people that are put in my path to help. I may just post it all here, and open the door for Comments.

TGIF 9/12/08

I am so glad it is Friday, it is rainy and damp, but still friday, I am lucky that the rain and a busy weekend ahead is the worse of my problems right now. I hope this weather doesn't do much damage to those in the paths of Hurricanes. My friend G. is driving South for the last 24 hours, hopefully arriving soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It is a quiet day, yet a day of much excitement for the things to come, that have come already, who knows. Let's see. I have slowly opened up to a few people about my desire, or I should say my actual attempt at writing my thoughts and feelings and sharing them. I have a 20 year old ongoing journal, and it, like me, is finally out of the closet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The cake is in the Rain..........?

After years of saying I would write and share my story, and even having a title for the book that has not been written, formally, I guess this will be my beginning. I realized I have a story to tell, and now I have a voice to tell it with. I have written on paper for 20 years, who would have thought my first attempt is on a blog spot. This story is not just my story, it is the story that after years of life experience, when I tell it to others, they identify, they get it. I realized I am so not unique, what makes me breathe and move, and live, feel, and react, is the same thing as everyone else. I always remember the song McArthur's Park, I never "got" the meaning of the words, "someone left the cake out in the rain, I will never have that recipe again, I don't think I can bake it, cause it took so long to make it, etc....". I just knew that even the most introverted people in the bars and clubs got up and danced when Donna Summer 's song came on the juke box. It moved people, off the their chairs or barstools, at weddings, etc., why, it doesn't make sense to me, now or then. I have found in life that so much moves me to places emotionally, and I have no idea why, looking back, some things meant nothing, some I have no idea, some "I get". I always said I would title my book "Someone left the cake out in the rain", but it takes so long to explain the title and then most people who know the song, and were or saw the movement of emotion, get it, but those who don't, think maybe I was left out in the rain a bit too long, and like the cake, the recipe, for my sanity can not be found again. whoaaaa......