Thursday, October 9, 2008

That One.... My Friend

I feel like I have been tossed around as when in a car accident by the way this long election process has just brought up so many emotions in me. Now it is "That one", which ONE did he mean, exactly? It is like when you know someone said something about you, but you don't exactly know which part of your character they are attacking or assasinating, or pointing out, but an attack it is, your gut tells you so. Was it my race? Was it my sexuality? Was it my weight, my economic status, maybe just that I am so much younger and sharper than you, but it was definitely pointing out that "that one" means different than US, and so many times in today's politics not like US translates into not being U.S., not American. Scare all my friends, that may work. Then all the statements he made followed by "My Friend(s)", so many times, so many I do not know how many exactly. I just know it was like the teacher scratching her nails on the chalk board, I wanted to scream to him, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND. Do you know what I mean, my friend? Everyone there was his friend except "that one", that one sitting right over there. He was the only one in the room not called My Friend. That is actually a compliment, maybe because he is The One. Maybe it was a slip of the Freudian tongue, the truth, that "That one" would be a difference for change. Maybe on some level he was saying That One, not his Friend, but that one who will beat him in the election, that one who has finally won the public's trust again, that one who is not letting the lies and deceit distract him from the chore at hand, this little old thing called The Presidential Election. See That One over there, he is MY Friend, he is that one that brings hope to America again, change we can believe in. I do not think it turned out the way it was meant, but those words That One, turned heads as was intended, into that one's directions, but with different results, so maybe you are my friend, maybe I owe you thanks. That because of your ignorance and your out of touch beliefs, a lot more people are looking at That One, as the one to be the new President of the USA.
Hey My friend, Thanks.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Hehehe. McCain is certainly not my friend either!

jeannerockaway said...

Great minds think a like. Much like Cindy McCain, chills went through MY BODY, everytime he called me his friend. Truly. I thought he was okay at first, 2 yrs. ago. Not my ticket, not my platform. But sincere enough. Now everyday that goes by it's like he's scratching my skin, as opposed to the blackboard!