Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marriage Equality

So my Marriage EqualityResolution for GLBT's was consolidated with another resolution to go before the Delegate's convention in September, hopefully this will make for a better Resolution that will stand for a better chance of passing. As for the NYS Senate it looks like the Marriage Bill for GLBT people will be addressed in September, so hope still stands, maybe more so since it is taken away from the insanity happening in the Legislature at this point. Just a thought.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday of Pride

So it is Pride weekend in New York City, may all have a great time, whether it be quiet and restful, or wild and partying, just have PRIDE in who you are...........

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

Just watched Prayers for Bobby, it will take a little while to really give my feelings and thoughts about it. Every person I spoke to who knows a gay person or is a gay person and watched this movie was touched somehow. It has awoken my mission in life, what Neil is supposed to do, what God has put on Neil's heart, my minsitry if you may say. I have done it before and I will do it again. I spoke nationally about being "Delivered" from Homosexuality and heard all the Bible verses and now I know God's truth and I feel my stomach churning to get out there and fight for those with no voice, or those who are being fed lies, in the name of God. bring em on I say I am ready.

Prayers for Bobby

I am watching it now, it is heartbreaking, because of the ignorance and because of the way it hits so close to home,a life I lived and thankfully recovered and escaped from. I will share more of my voice after it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mira Flores

So I sit here in Peru, Mira Flores typing on my blog on my brand new Laptop, who would have thunk it, I love this. So now folks you will have Niall's voice to hear from wherever I go, you thought you got a break SORRY I have founf Niall's voice I am talking, and now there is no stopping me, I have nothing much to say right now, I put no sun screen on, so I will probably be suffering later, that is OK. I am still amazed at the little kitten trying to feed off the dog, if we would all be so adaptable and willing to work together.

Friday, January 9, 2009


So here I am in Lima Peru and it is 85 and sunny, can you say beautiful for january. I just saw the best thing, a few week old kitten nursing from a dog, I got great pictures, it was just the idea of one living thing taking care of another, no matter who or what they are, I and a lot of people can learn from this, Democrat, Republican, Independent, we all need to take care of each other no matter how different we are, I mean it was a kitten and grown dog, beautiful ! Pictures to follow

Monday, January 5, 2009

Spanish Voice !

Ola !! So, it is New Year's and on a personal level 2008 was GREAT, and I expect better for 2009. I only wish good fortune had been given to everyone, I am sorry it wasn't, that things are such a mess in so many areas. I have HOPE for 2009, and I believe in God also.
Now my title Spanish Voice, well Niall is on his way to South America, Peru, and I am going to try my voice from there, I think I will try Spanish, but since I know about 10 words, or 3, unless Rafael is sitting right by me, it will just be me and me NEW laptop, yes I said new, and English will probably come through first. Either way, I am starting my new year with a trip to some warm weather, I can't wait. Have a Happy and Healthy one everyone.............