Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunday

I came to Rockaway early this morning, I missed seeing Lucky, our cat, he greeted me as usual. I read about cats on line last night, and I thought they don't miss you that much, they sleep, they have no time clocks, WRONG! We rescued Lucky from the apartment next door here in Rockaway, the owner passed away and Lucky was on his own for 3 months, so he is so appreciative of me and Rafael, and I worry so much. Yesterday was a long tiring day, but once I get back here to the Beach, it all goes away, the stress, the closed in feeling I get in Stuy Town Apt. and then I love seeing the Ocean. Then the time comes that I miss the energy and diversity of the City, so this is what I call my Luxury problem, not that anything is luxurious, just the problem of where to go. I am blessed.