Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caroline Kennedy - Senator

Caroline Kennedy? Not so sure yet. She wants to be a United States Senator.
Not to be outdone by the other Dem dynasty, Caroline Kennedy managed to seem a believable choice for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. "I come at this as a mother, as a lawyer, as an author as an education advocate
and from a family that really has spent generations in public service," she said. Rehearsed? Seemed so. She said no one could afford to sit out this time in history, and that she would "love to take the skills and the relationships I have to Washington."
What are those skills? Not sure. The Daily Beast has a good list of other under-qualified yet successful Senators. They are Bill Bradley (basketball), Ted Kennedy (bootlegger money), James Buckley (trust funder), Bill Frist (doctor), Orrin Hatch (white-shingle lawyer), John Edwards (trial lawyer), Herb Kohl (sports franchise dude), Jon Corzine (Goldman Sachs), Robert Bennett (religion), and Hillary Clinton (first lady).
We shall see.

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jeannerockaway said...

I'm still out on CK, for the reasons I've posted. I've followed her over the years, as well as John Jr., when alive. Hillary Clinton has been in "it", since the age of 22. Not just 1st Lady, and you know that. She worked in a private sector, worked hard when young to bring home states for nominees. Worked on Children's Defense Fund, and picked the brain of one of the most brilliant political minds, barr none. I'll go further and say, Bubba wouldn't have found his way to the White House without her very strong input. As I said, the jury is out on Caroline, for me. I used to brag how she passed her Bar Exam, before the "Hunk", who I loved also. 3 x for him? I just think a knee jerk reaction of joy, because she's a Kennedy, which is what I had, needs a better look. I don't agree with the appointments or wins of basketball players, wrestlers, comedians, "dudes" of kinds, under any circumstances. All that, doesn't make this right. I will root for her full fledged, if she can take it. It is somewhat unfair not to give ALL the people on this list who are absolutely qualified, a real shot. I do believe in on the job learning, and as smart as she is, I also believe she can cleanly accomplish that. However, if someone is already completely prepared........? This I understand, is something I'll never know, because it would never be released to Jeanne Q Public. I hope the press doesn't cream her....not with bad info on her, but more like a Britney Spears abomination. Please let her breath and her right to she has gone to congress regarding.

Now....can I go see Milk with you, or is it private, or are you going to be in the city, and the snow, (HOPEFULLY), will keep me snowed in Rockaway? xo