Friday, May 7, 2010


Well I am so glad it is Friday, it has been a hectic but productive week. I am rejuvenated in the area of writing. The support I have received from friends and family has been very uplifting. It has given me the confidence to try to do something, formally, that I have wanted to do for years. The writing group I am joining is one that I have come to realize is a group for support and good direction, not one to judge me and point out my inadequacies. It is all good. "Niall's Writings" is the Blog where I am going to do my writing on a subject, that subject being me mostly. I was told that I have some political leanings in my writings and I also have a memior wanting to come out. The second is the direction I am going to choose. It has always been my dream to write about my life, like every good drama (at least to me), it will be filled with humor. So for my first week I think I have done OK. I have figured out what kind of writing I am going to do so that is a huge start. Now starting tomorrow or Sunday, I will write page one of Niall's Writings. Good Luck to me. Thank you for listening.

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