Monday, January 5, 2009

Spanish Voice !

Ola !! So, it is New Year's and on a personal level 2008 was GREAT, and I expect better for 2009. I only wish good fortune had been given to everyone, I am sorry it wasn't, that things are such a mess in so many areas. I have HOPE for 2009, and I believe in God also.
Now my title Spanish Voice, well Niall is on his way to South America, Peru, and I am going to try my voice from there, I think I will try Spanish, but since I know about 10 words, or 3, unless Rafael is sitting right by me, it will just be me and me NEW laptop, yes I said new, and English will probably come through first. Either way, I am starting my new year with a trip to some warm weather, I can't wait. Have a Happy and Healthy one everyone.............

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